Trans Madeira 2018: Thank you!

Seven months ago, when we basically decided to make this dream project a reality, we would never imagine the outcome would be so rewarding. Sharing our trails with almost 120 riders from all around the World is truly an honor and welcoming you in Madeira is one of the best feelings ever. You are now Madeira and Trans Madeira ambassadors!

This past week we did history together, we wrote a page for the future and we created moments that we honestly will never forget. Your smiles at the end of each day, your tired faces after some of the most intense stages ever, your honest opinion about our work, your compliments about our planning, your high-fives with our timing and staff crew, your belief in getting to the end of the week in one piece, your courage to face different types of trails, terrain and conditions. You are truly heroes in surviving over 200 kilometers this week but above it all your are now part of our family. As you get back to your daily routines, certainly tired but with a unique feeling of accomplishment, we want you to look back and remember how brutal it was and how epic it can be in the future to come. 

  1. Arriving to the beach of Machico and finding your ‘home’ for the next couple days;
  2. Getting a first touch of Madeira dirt and suddenly jumping into something completely different. Dust to mud, alpine to jungle;
  3. Surviving the first day and stepping out of your comfort zone;
  4. Go from total stranger to best friends with a guy you didn’t know;
  5. Eating some delicious gastronomical flavours that the island has to offer;
  6. Become fully aware that you are part of something bigger than all of us;
  7. Realize that you did a good time on day one and you’re already f*cked up with four more days to come;
  8. Compare your time with the top dogs and understand that you’re sharing the same trails with some of brightest that our sport has ever seen;
  9. Wonder why liaisons take so long but then accept that it was worth it;
  10. First crash on the race but you get up smiling and keep on going;
  11. Inspiring others to be adventurous;
  12. Inspiring other fellow riders to finish the race;
  13. Making the biggest and maybe the most beautiful hike-a-bike of your life to the North side;
  14. Understanding that weather changes in a heartbeat and there’s no logic in asking predictions for the next day;
  15. Ride the last liaison and finishing with a mojito in the far West side of Madeira.
Thanks for all your love along the week! Our team did their absolute best to offer you a unique experience of Madeira in all aspects! We feel blessed to share this adventure with all of you!

Antonio, Filipe, John, Roberto and the entire crew!