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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How is a typical tour day at Freeride Madeira?

  • On a typical day you meet us at our shop at 8:50 to fill in the tour agreement form, get equipped and make the payment. We leave around 9:05 in a van to the mountains and start riding from the top. We ride until lunch time and then the group stops at a local restaurant (not included in tour price). After lunch we ride until around 16:00 and arrive around 16:30/17:00 to the shop/Funchal.

How is the process of booking a single day or bike holiday package?

  • We need to know what type of tour you would like to book, for how many riders, riding level, if you need to rent a bike and if you do, we need your height and weight.
  • You may use the booking form on our website or email us your request to [email protected].
  • The details of the booking will be settled on the email conversations.
  • To secure your reservation, you are required to make a bank transfer of 30‰ of the
    total amount to our account. No bookings/reservations are secured without paying a

Can I book a bike holiday without booking accommodation with Freeride?

  • Yes, you can book only the guided tours and as many as you wish.
  • You can also book only the tours + airport transfers.

If I book accommodation with Freeride Madeira, will there be bike storage?

  • Yes, all the accommodation options we have on our website have bike storage.

Are all tours guided?

  • Yes, there is always a guide in front of the group.

Can I book only the shuttle to the mountains?

  • No, we don’t do shuttle only. It’s always guided/shuttled tours.

Do I go in a group?

  • You go in a group if you are less than 7 riders. Our 9 seater vans can take up 7riders + driver + guide.

What’s the maximum group size I can book?

  • We have a bigger van that can take up to 16 riders + driver + guide.

How big are the groups?

  • Most of the groups are up to 7 riders but sometimes we take a group up to 10 riders in our bigger van.

Can I book a private tour?

  • Yes, we do private tours depending on availability. The cost of a private tour is €595 not including bikes. By booking a private tour you get 1 van, driver and guide only for you.

If I book a bike holiday do I have to start on a specific day of the week?

  • No, you can start on any day of the week.

Can I book a bike holiday package with as many nights at the accommodation and
riding days as I want?

  • Yes, just let us know when and how many.

Can I book half days?

  • We don’t do half days.

Do I get picked up from my hotel or apartment?

  • We don’t pick up riders as that would make us waste riding time.
  • If your group is 7 riders we may pick up depending on the location.
  • You can book accommodation anywhere on the island but keep in mind that you need to meet us at our shop at 8:50 on the riding days.

Where’s the best place to book accommodation if I’m booking it on my own?

  • You can book accommodation close to 2 spots:
  • 1) close to our shop so you can meet us at 8:50 on the riding days. + info
  • 2) close to the Pestana CR7 hotel so we can pick you up at 9:10 on the riding days. + info

If I book several days, will I ride the same trails?

Most trails will be different but you may repeat 1 to 3 trails on a 5 days bike holiday.

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