Team Camps

The perfect way to get the season rolling with a custom made adventure with Freeride Madeira! Get the team motivated, test new products, ride in the type of terrain you’re looking for, race an event, relax! Freeride Madeira will make a custom plan for your needs and adapt to what you’re looking for to kick off the season in style!


Ghost Bikes decided to present their new team and bike on a complete Madeira team camp experience. From bike presentation on a wine cellar with invited journalists to an exclusive bike race for everyone that attended the event, Freeride Madeira made sure everything was on point!


One of best enduro teams out there frequently chooses Madeira for their pre-season training. For two years in a row, Cube Action Team visits Madeira for a ride with Freeride Madeira and to attend local races such as Entrudo Enduro (East Side) and Enduro Challenge (West Side). Not a bad way to kick off the season…